Elements of Mechanical Engineering PDF (EME)- All Units

Written by Mohammed SHAFI

All the concepts which comes under the Subject of Elements of Mechanical Engineering are presented below.Just click on the links to navigate through the article in detailed. The content w.r.t. the syllabus are categorised under 6 units.

First, the syllabus of Elements of Mechanical Engineering was written under each unit and a Link was provided below at the end so that you can easily navigate through it.

Elements of Mechanical Engineering:

The Elements of Mechanical Engineering is a broad subject and under which the contents were presented in Unit wise.

Unit-1: Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

Visit the below links:

Unit 2:Internal Combustion Engines

Heat Engine,Classification of Heat Engines, Classification of IC Engines,Components of IC Engines, IC Engines Nomenclature,Performance Parameters of IC Engines, Advantages of IC Engines over EC Engines

For the above Information, Click Here

Cooling Systems in IC Engine

Lubrication of IC Engines-Properties of Lubricant and Types of Lubrication Systems

2.2 Steam Power Plant, Boilers, Steam Turbines:

2.3 Steam Turbine

  • Impulse Turbines and Reaction Turbines

Unit 3: Pumps, Turbines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

3.1 Hydraulic Pumps and Turbines

3.2 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Unit 4: Engineering Materials

Unit 5: Transmission Systems

Concepts under Transmission systems will be updated soon...

Unit 6: Robot and Sensors

6.1 Introduction, Definition  Components of Robot and Classification of Robot, Vision Sensing, SCU, RCU

6.2 CNC Machine Tools:

It will be updated soon...

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