About Mechanical E-Notes

At Mechanical E-Notes, we provide aspirants with a wide pool of knowledge in Mechanical Engineering subjects. They can access our curated easy to understand electronic notes free of cost.

We are two people publication and completely funded by display advertisements, we don't run sponsored articles, nor we affiliated with other companies or institutions.

Founder and Managing Editor

Mohammed Shafi is the founder, managing editor, and primary author of Mechanical E-Notes. He is an Assistant Professor (Department of Mechanical Engineering) at the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. He has 6 years of vast experience in design, research, and data analysis. Shafi has co-authored two journals 1. Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis on Tillage Equipment  2. Welding Procedure and Testing Analysis on Mixing and Nodulizing Drum.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Operation Head

Saswata Baksi is the partner and operation head of Mechanical E-Notes. He is a Mechanical Engineer and also co-authored the International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment research paper. He was the founder of a successful Mechanical blog LearnMechanical in 2022 he exited that business.

Currently, Saswata is full-time SEO and owns a portfolio of 5 figure ($$$$$) web-publishing businesses. You can find him active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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