Top 30 Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA

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Mechanical Engineering Companies play a vital role in the life of every mechanical engineering student. Considering this fact, I am writing an article on the Top 30 Mechanical Engineering Companies in India where I can include a Career page and a basic introduction to the Website.

Some of the Mechanical Engineering Companies in a local region can provide a less salary whereas in MNC's, the salary was high and you can able to learn much more compared to earlier.

Mechanical Engineers are recruited for every six months in the core companies. People once visited the company can only visit for the next time after Six months only.

All these companies have to be known to the students such that they can get a job in one of the core Engineering Companies.

Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA:

The List was presented below in a detailed manner. If you want to add any of the Mechanical Engineering Companies, you can straight away tell us from the comments section.

1. Larsen and Toubro (L & T):

  • L&T is a huge Engineering and Construction firm.
  • L&T works in different industries like Aerospace, Automobiles, Electrical, Mining, Metals, Petrochemical, etc.
  • Headquarters is at Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • They have good manufacturing facilities present in India like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and more.

Website: Larsen & Toubro 

Presence In India: L&T Locations In India

Career Page: Working at L&T

2. Kirloskar:

Kirloskar Group works in core mechanical engineering fields. They manufacture Engines and Parts, Compressors, Valves, Pumps, Agricultural Products, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning related things and many more. Pune, in Maharashtra, is Head Quarter of Kirloskar.

Website: Kirloskar Group

3. TATA Group:

  • Tata group is one of the most known business groups in almost all the major sectors.
  • Tata Steel company is among the top ten steel companies in the world. More of their locations are at Jharkhand, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.
  • In India, Tata Steel started in Jamshedpur.
  • Apart from steel, other Tata identities are Tata Power(Power), Tata BP Solar(Power), Telco Construction Equipment', Voltas(Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), and many more.

Website: Tata Group 

Career Page: Here

4. Godrej Group:

  • Godrej is one of the leading Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA which is efficient in making products of  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Locks, and Furniture.
  • Godrej headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Godrej Industries has been ranked in the top 15 in the “Best Companies to Work for in India” survey done by Mercer Consulting and Business Today in 2008.

Website: Godrej Group

Career Page: Here

5. Siemens:

Siemens is one of the Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA which offers software's in the disciplines of Modelling, Analysis, and Manufacturing. Unigraphics was the Software developed by Siemens and they also cover a wide product range In India.

Website: Siemens

Career Page: Here

6. BOSCH India:

BOSCH is famous in India for its production in the fields of Automobile, Power Tools, Security Systems, Packaging Technology, Industrial Equipments, and many more.

Presently, BOSCH is famous for the production of Spark Plugs, Drilling machines, etc. in the market. They have one of the most advanced production plants in India.

Location:Bangalore,Pune,Ahmadabad,Chennai,Nasik and more.

Website: BOSCH – Invented For Life

Career Page: Here

7. Thyssen Krupp:

This is the big group working in 7 locations in India. They work in Component Technology, Material Services, Steel, Plant Technology, etc.

Locations In India:

Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, Nasik, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Website: Global Website

8. Thermax:

  • Thermax is another great place for mechanical engineers which has a high range of Productivity in manufacturing boilers, heaters, cooling systems, Waste Water Treatment and Recycling, Power, Air Pollution Control, etc.
  • Thermax headquarter is in Pune, India.

Website: Thermax

9. GE:

  • GE is working in the fields of Appliances, Energy, Lighting, Rail, etc.
  • In India, GE is present at Delhi, Haryana, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, etc.


10. Schneider Electric:

This is an Energy Management Company and they work in the area of Automation and Control, Energy Automation, Installation Systems, Electrical Distribution, Building Management, etc.

Website: Schneider India

11. Suzlon:

  • Their production facilities and wind farms are present in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu.
  • Suzlon is 5th in Asia and 8th Worldwide in Wind Turbine Manufacturing.
  • Suzlon’s headquarters was present at Pune, Maharashtra.

Website: Suzlon

12. Crompton Greaves:

CG is India based company and it is major in the Electric market for the production of fans etc. They have many occurrences in the world and in India.

Website: CG

13. Geometric Ltd:

  • Geometric is a software option for Mechanical Engineers.
  • Geometric works in PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) domain.
  • For Mechanical Engineers, having an interest in PLM, Design Softwares, CAD, CAM, CAE, Geometric is a really good place to work.3D PLM is a joint venture of Geometric and Dassault Systems. It also works in the PLM domain.

Website: Geometric Ltd.

14. Maruti Suzuki:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

15. Reliance Group:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

16. Bajaj Automobiles:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

17. Mercedes Benz:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

18. Brahmos Aerospace:

Website: Here

19. Mahindra Group

Website: Here

20. Adani Group:

Website: Here

21. Schlumberger

Website: Here

22. General Motors India:

Website: Here

The List of Top Govt. Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA are presented below.

23. NTPC:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

24. BARC:

Website: Here

Careers : Here

25. ISRO:

Website: Here

26. BHEL:

Website: Here

27. IOCL:

Website: Here

28. BPCL:

Website: Here

29. NPCIL:

Website: Here

30. DRDO:

Website: Here

31. SAIL:

Website: Here

This is the complete list of Top 31 Mechanical Engineering Companies in INDIA in a detailed way.

If you want to add any other companies, you can tell us from the comments section so that we can add them to this article.

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