Top 12 Mechanical Engineering Websites for the students to visit regularly

Written by Mohammed SHAFI

Top 12 Mechanical Engineering Websites for the students to visit regularly:Mechanical Engineering plays a vital role in our regular life.If you want to go to one place to another place then you need a mode of transport i.e. a vehicle which is developed and designed by a mechanical engineer only.As other engineers are also involved in that but their essence is less when compared with a mechanical Engineer.Therefore,In this article,I will be exploring about the Top 12 Mechanical Engineering Websites that a mechanical engineering student should visit regularly to get the latest updates.

Top 12 Mechanical Engineering websites for the students to visit regularly

Top 12 Mechanical Engineering Websites for the students  are as follows:

1.Mechanical Engineering Websites-NPTEL:

NPTEL stands for The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning which is the most successful website that provides the best content delivered by the professors of IISc's,IIT's,NIT's etc.NPTEL is a project funded by the MHRD,Government of India.

NPTEL website consists of  Featured News,Featured Courses,latest courses etc. in its chest.One should has to go through the NPTEL website to check for the mechanical information.

What is NPTEL and what are the courses offered by them
What is NPTEL and what are the courses offered by them

For that, a huge information related to NPTEL was presented here.Go through this link which consists of connections of IIT's with NPTEL,Information about all domains of engg,contact form,feedback form etc.was presented here.

This is the complete information about the NPTEL in detailed. Engineering Websites:

ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a non-profitable organization that provides a mechanical engineering aspirant to acquire the knowledge. -Mechanical Engineering websites

It also provides research opportunities via conferences,journal publications,seminars etc.Join this platform which consists of around 2 lakhs members as subscribers.

3.Mechanical Engineering TV:

 Mechanical Engineering TV is a huge resource of videos for mechanical Engineering students .You can sign up there and upload as many videos of relevancy as you like.

4.Engineers Handbook-Mechanical Engineering Websites:

This website is a source for Mechanical engineering aspirants,Engineers and researchers around the globe.In Engineers handbook you can find the information about

You can also get the contents about

  • Composite Molding Process
  • Plastic Molding and Forming Processes
  • Surface Finishing-Coatings
  • Materials-Ferrous Metals
  • Components-Types of sensors

By entering into this website you can find the detailed information about all the aspects of Mechanical Engineering.

5.Mechanical Engineering Websites-Physics Forum:

This is the world's largest physics community which can be helpful for the mechanical engineering students to solve the problems easily and effectively while doing any type of analysis.They can check any equations,formula's related to the physics and explore them in your own field.

Physics Forum consists of

  • Science Education
  1. Academic Guidance
  2. Educators and Teaching
  3. Careers and guidance
  4. Open practice problems
  5. Science and Math Textbooks
  • Physics
  1. General Physics
  2. Classical Physics
  3. Quantum Physics
  4. Special and general relativity
  5. Atomic and Condensed matter
  6. Beyond the standard model
  • Astronomy and Cosmology
  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics
  2. Cosmology
  • Mathematics
  1. General Math
  2. Calculus
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Topology and Analysis
  5. Linear and Abstract algebra
  6. Differential Geometry
  7. Set theory,logic,Probability & Statistics
  • Engineering
  1. General Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Nuclear Engineering
  5. Materials and Chemical Engineering
  • PF Lounge:
  1. Science Fiction and Fantasy
  2. Feedback and Announcements
  3. General Discussions
  4. New member Introductions

This is the complete information about the Physics forum website.

6.Engineering Explained:

It is a YouTube  channel dedicated for Mechanical Engineering students which consists of a beautiful stuff that was explained with reality.The videos explained about the explanation of  exhaust headers,how to increase power,learn how car works,5 things you should never do with the cars,car reviews etc.Subscribe with this YouTube channel to get the latest updates. Engineering Trending Blog:

It is a blog where all the fields of Mechanical Engineering are presented and is a fast growing blog  interms of facebook fan page,Quora,pinterest,etc.

In this Blog,the admin can provide all the stuff related to the field of Mechanical Engineering and can explain the users with the help of Images and Videos which makes easy to understand.The topics which the admin was discussing in the form of articles are as follows.

Mechanical engineering blog-Mechanical Engineering websites
Mechanical engineering blog-Mechanical Engineering Websites
  • A list of Mechanical Projects in the field of 
  1. Robotics
  2. Manufacturing
  3. CAD/CAM
  4. Automobile
  5. Agriculture
  6. Thermal
  7. CFD
  8. Fabrications etc.are published in this blog.
  • Mechanical Software Classes like
  1. CATIA V5 R20
  2. ANSYS(Workbench,APDL)
  3. Unigraphics,
  4. Creo are published in the form of Text,Image and Video formats.
  • The Theory of 
  1. Mechanical Definitions
  2. Mechanical Vibrations
  3. Theory of CAD/CAM
  4. Material science
  5. Computational Material Science was shown in detailed.
  • Mechanical Projects,Mechanical Technical seminar Topics for B-Tech,M-Tech,Diploma students etc.has to be focused on.

You can ask about anything related to the field of Mechanical Engineering and will be provided to you in a short period of time.Those who want the mechanical information can Subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates.


8.Eric the car guy:

It is a You Tube channel which discusses about the repairing of various cars with their real working.Those who are in the field of Automotive industry can subscribe to this channel.

9.Discovery channel:

A program named "How it's made" makes the engineer to show the real world of Mechanical Engineering.Try to watch this program on Discover channel to know indepth about Mechanical Engineering.

10.Defense Documentaries:

Keep watching Defense Documentaries that will make you understand about how the mechanical engineering works.

11.National Geography Channel:

You should has to watch the channels of

  • Mega factory showing the manufacturing and production processes
  • Watching the episode of Supercars showing the fabrications of various cars.


Quora is the best platform for any student to ask the questions of your choice in any field.When you signup this app,you will be asked to choose what you know and in which field you are expert so that the quora provides you the questions which someone has asked.You can answer those questions and if your answer is most effective then you will be Upvoted and your content will be decided as the best content and whenever people search in google then google provides yopur information on the first page.

mohammed shafi-quora
mohammed shafi-quora

People will follow you..if you answer number of questions that they offered.By this your name will get fame in the Google.

These are the Top 10 best websites for Mechanical Engineers that I will recommend to be updated with the current scenario.

Click on the below links to get more:

  • For Manufacturing Projects:

(100+Updated) Manufacturing Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

  • For Robotics Projects:

(130+Updated) Robotics Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

  • For Mechanical Projects:

(240+Updated) Mechanical Projects list for Diploma and Mechanical Students

  • For CAD/CAM Projects:

(70+Updated) CAD/CAM Projects List for Mechanical Students

  • For Agriculture Projects:

(80+Updated) Agriculture Projects List for Mechanical students

  • For CFD Projects:

(90+Updated) CFD Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

  • For Thermal Projects:

(100+Updated) Thermal Engineering Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

If you want to add any website names that I had missed in this article then,you are always welcome.Write  your valuable content comments below

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