Mechanical Engineering Quotes or Dialogue

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Mechanical Engineering is Not a Degree, it is a Royalty!

By SS-1

East or West, South or North, Mechanical Engineering is Always Worth!?

By SS-1

Don't Ever Try to Hurt a Mechanical Engineer,

You Know Why?

When They Screw, Even Metals Cry!

By SS-1

Date a Mechanical Engineer, and Get a Life Time Warranty!

By SS-1

My Queen, Don't Be My Brake, Try to Be My Clutch Because Brake Stops the Car but Clutch Free it!

By SS-1

I have Came into a Stage Where I Sprinkle BSDK in Everywhere, it seems like a Golap Jal in Biriyani!

By SS-1

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I Always Fight with the Fault, even Sometimes I failed to Resolve it, But Don't Lose My Hope Until I resolved It!

By SS-1

Rules are Made for the Other Streams, We Mechanical Born to Break the Rules!


Introductory Bio:

Cast: Engineer.

Religion: Mechanical.

Age: Does Not Matter.

Permanent Address: Hostel✌️ 

Favourite Food: Hostel ka Khana.

Favourite Game: Dhulai Karna.


Heart ❤️ is a Organ for Others, but for Us It is Just Pump!

By SS-1

A Mechanical Engineer Propose a Girl:

You are Like A Spark in IC Engine,

Which Provides Dhak Dhak.

You are Like Turbine,

Which Generates the Unconditional Love Continuously.

You Are Like Ball Bearing,

Which Made My Life Tensionless.

You are Like a Shaper Machine,

Which Gives My Life Perfect Shape.

Finally We Both are Gears,

Which are Meshing Up with Each-Other.?

Originally By: Prajwal Gote, Modified By: SS-1

They Go to the Tapree for Chai,

They are Real Stalkers,

They Do All The Villa Panti,

NO! No! They are Not Boys, They are Mechanical Queens

Mechanical Girls Always on Fire.

By Priyanka Arya

Be Like a Flywheel,

When Live Gives You a Power Stroke,✌️

Then Store as Much of The Energy,

This Will Help You to Overcome,

Other Strokes of Life Quite Smoothly!

Originally By: Abhi M Bhagat, Modified By: SS-1

Shade is the only place,

Where Mechanical Engineers Evolves!

By: Mohammed Tariq

Three Stages of Engineers Life:


Yeah Kya Horaha hai, BC!

Farewell Ceremony,

By: Kushal Kachave

Sath Main Bitaya Jo Pal Yaad Bohot Ayenge,

Khali Shirt Rangne Hum Scribble Day Pe Ayenge!

By: Mohammad Afzal

Jan, Please Limit the RPM of My Heart,

Otherwise, it will be Seized!

By: SS-1

Date A Mechanical Engineer,

You Know Why?

They Fix Broken Things Instead of Threw It Out!

By: SS-1

Excuse Me! I am a Mechanical Engineer Not a Magician.

By SS-1

Who Says Love Hurts the Most?

Try to Clear all The Semester Subjects in 1 Day!

Pura Ashiqui Nikal Jayegi.

By: SS-1
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About Mohammed SHAFI

Mohammed Shafi is the founder, managing editor, and primary author of Mechanical E-Notes. He is an Assistant Professor (Department of Mechanical Engineering) at the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. He has a 6 years of vast experience in design, research, and data analysis. Shafi has co-authored two journals 1. Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis on Tillage Equipment  2. Welding Procedure and Testing Analysis on Mixing and Nodulizing Drum.

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