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Mechanical Softwares plays a vital role in the field of Mechanical Engineering. By considering this, I am going to present Best CAD Software for Beginners in the field of Mechanical Engineering with basic terms such as salary, working environment, System requirement to install any software, and the Download link for Student Version is also provided.

Mechanical Aspirants have a doubt on which software they need to work so that they can get the best job in the future that is after the completion of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering students are striving hard to get a job in the real world because of various reasons. The reasons might be:

  1. The student does not have any knowledge in his/her core subjects and sometimes the students are not at all aware of what the subjects are...? and this has to be reduced to get the job.
  2. The students should know what would be his career after B-Tech. Unless and until he knows..., he should not think that he was in the real world.
  3. The students must and should learn the basic software's in the field of Mechanical Engineering like AUTOCAD.
  4. He should also aware of the other modelling and Analysis software's so that he can model an object and analyze it under the application of external forces.

Therefore, In this article, I will be exploring the best CAD Software for Mechanical Engineer to serve in the real world.

In Mechanical Engineering, Best CAD Software has to be learned. The Disciplines of any Best CAD Software consist of Sketching, the second is Modeling and the third is Analysis. The Mechanical Softwares which are dedicated to all the 3 modules are as follows.

Best CAD Software for Sketching:

There are many softwares in which sketching can be done but most of them use AUTOCAD as their primary concern. A detailed explanation about the basic CAD Software is as follows.


  • AUTOCAD stands for Computer-Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting which was developed and marketed by AUTODESK in 1982.
  • AUTOCAD is widely used across a wide range of companies or Industries by Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Graphic designers make their product much more efficient.
  • AUTOCAD has various versions starting from AUTOCAD Version 1.0 to AUTOCAD 2021 Version 24. It was mainly used in industries because of its 2D sketching or Drawing.
Construction of house in autocad
By Dame Dieng,Construction of house in autocad

Salary of fresher's in AutoCAD:

The starting salary of engineers who are joined initially in small scale industries was 8000/-per month whereas in large scale industries it is around a 20000/-per month.

AUTOCAD Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install AUTOCAD 2021 Software are as follows.

  • OS:64-bit
  • Memory: 8 GB (16GB recommended)
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz and (3+ GHz is recommended)
  • Display: 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • Disk space: 7.0 GB

AUTOCAD Student Version:

The student Version of AUTOCAD was provided here.

2. NX or Unigraphics:

Sketching was also done in Unigraphics but the accuracy was not efficient when compared to AutoCAD because the AutoCAD is dedicated only for sketching.

The basic pay of Unigraphics engineers was explained in the Modeling software module.

Best CAD Software for 3D Modeling:

The various softwares which are under 3D Modeling are as follows.

1. Pro-E or Creo:

creo logo
PTC Creo's new logo by PTC
  • Creo is advanced of Pro-E which is used for sketching and Modeling a 3D object and was developed by PTC in 1987.
  • Creo is also advanced of AutoCAD in which there is no need to specify the dimensions by using a separate feature as of AutoCAD.
  • Creo is mainly using in small scale industries that are using AutoCAD as their main tool.
  • The Pay of a Design Engineer using Creo should be more than the AutoCAD Engineers i.e.>15000/-Per month in Small scale Industries and >23000/-Per month as of Large Scale Industries.

Creo Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install Creo software are as follows.

  • Minimum 4GB RAM is required.
  • A 3 button mouse is mandatory for a faster approach.
  • The Operating System should be Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Creo Student Version Download:

You can download the student version of Creo here.


Analysis of a component in catia software
By Kadowiec, Simple part in Genaritive Structural Analysis
  • CATIA is a high-end software that was mostly used in Aerospace Applications where there is a need for high Accuracy.
  • CATIA stands for Computer-Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application designed and Developed by DASSAULT Systems in 1977.
  • CATIA has various versions in its chest starting from CATIA v1 to CATIA v6 and among them, the most used version is CATIA v5.
  • It was highly used in the domains of Computer-Aided Design(CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacturing(CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering(CAE), Product Layout Management(PLM), etc.
  • The starting pay for the fresher is the 30000/-per month in the company of HYUNDAI for CATIA Design Engineer.

CATIA Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install CATIA software are as follows.

  • OS: Windows 7 or 10 with 64-bit.
  • Processor: Intel i5, i7 or Xeon
  • The dedicated graphics card is recommended that should not be integrated on the motherboard.
  • 4GB of RAM - 8GB or more is highly recommended 
  • Hard Disk space of 10GB is required.

CATIA Student Version Download:

You can download the student version of CATIA here.

3. Unigraphics:

The figure shown below consists of the parts of the Tillage which were drawing by the Admin of this blog. Below, you can know more information about NX .

Unigraphics works by admin
  • NX is formerly known as NX Unigraphics which is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software.
  • NX was developed by Siemens.
  • It was initially released in 1973 and Stable released in 2016.
  • NX is a direct competitor to Solidworks, CATIA, Creo, etc.
  • NX is using mostly in the top companies like Infosys etc. and the company pays for those who had experience of a minimum of 3 years.
  • NX has various versions starting from Unigraphics Version R1 to NX 11.

Unigraphics Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install Unigraphics or NX software are as follows.

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS of 64-bit.
  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM and recommended is 8 GB or 16 GB.
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher.

Unigraphics Student Version Download:

You can download the student version of NX here.

Best CAD Software for Meshing:

For general purpose tools, we use ANSYS for meshing whereas if the component is large then it is much difficult to work with ANSYS software. So, for this, a seperate software was developed called Hypermesh.

For Meshing, Hypermesh is widely used. The body is said to have meshed under Coarse mesh, Medium Mesh, and Fine mesh. So, depending upon the accuracy, the type of mesh is being used.

Hypermesh Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install Hypermesh software are as follows.

  • 6 or 8 core processor
  • Recommended 8 GB RAM for Gravity and 16GB RAM for HPD.
  • 3 Button Mouse is required
  • There should be Graphics Card support.
  • Minimum screen resolution 1280 x 1024.
  • Less than a 1TB hard drive is sufficient.

Hypermesh Software Student Version:

You can download the student version of Hypermesh here

Best CAD Software for Analysis:

  • For Analysis, ANSYS is widely used. This software is mostly used to analyze a body under the application of loads.
  • The main aim is to determine the stresses developed in the body during the application of loads and we need to see that the stresses developed in the material should be less than the Vonmises stress of the material.
  • If it is less, then only the material is said to be safe else the material is of failure.
  • After Analysis, we need to determine the Directional stresses in X, Y & Z directions, Principal stresses in X, Y & Z directions, Shear stresses, etc.
  • Depending upon the results, the graphs are plotted.
Cantilever beam analysis
By Lzyvzl,The mode shapes of a cantilevered I-beam: 2nd torsional

Salary of fresher's in ANSYS:

Most companies did not recruit freshers directly into ANSYS. Instead of that, the fresher has to know about Hypermesh because Meshing is the key factor for analysis. If you have completed meshing on a component then 70% of the work is completed and the rest can be performed in ANSYS software.

If the freshers want to go to the design field and if they are interested in CAE, then I recommend joining in any of the coaching Institutes to work on Hypermesh. After that, go to the recruitment drive of ANSYS. They will surely select you because you had already known about meshing.

ANSYS Software System Requirements:

The System Requirements to install ANSYS software are as follows.

  • Must support on Windows 10, 64 bit.
  • 4 GB or higher graphics card
  • 16 GB-128 GB of RAM size
  • 1 TB hard disk is minimum and you can go up to 2 TB.
  • Intel Core I5 and don't go with Intel I3.

ANSYS Software Student Version:

You can download the student version of ANSYS Software by clicking here.

This is the detailed explanation of Best Free CAD Software for Beginners. If you have any doubts related to any design software, feel free to ask... I will respond to you soon.

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