Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas for College Students [2020]

Written by Mohammed SHAFI

Mechanical Engineering Projects play a vital role in the life of every mechanical engineering student. A Mechanical Engineering Student should have to strive very hard from the beginning itself so that he can catch the sweet fruits in the future. In this article, we will come across individual projects along with the list of Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas.

The curriculum of Mechanical Engineering:

Coming to the curriculum, Mechanical Engineering Projects plays again a key role i.e. in order to complete your degree you should has to complete a project first. Without completing a project, you cannot go outside of the college with empty hands.

So, everyone has to sacrifice his journey in order to complete their final year project. One more thing is that the students cannot able to pick the right project for their academic year and can suffer the whole year. Some students can easily pick the topics and have the ability to complete the project on their own.

Mechanical Engineering Projects IDEAS
By NASA/JPL-Caltech/Lockheed Martin -, Public Domain,

Basic Idea on How to Pick a Project:

Whenever you are doing any project you should have a basic idea of what the project is about and how well we can sustain it when we are moving ahead.

If you might know this simple formula, then you can do your project very easily. In the same way, If you don't have any idea of what the project is about or If you are picking a project because someone else is being picked, then you might be in trouble.

So, please look at all the facts while selecting a project. Think...which mechanical software you know or think about what else you can do? If you are not getting any idea, then this article is for you.

In this article, I had presented about 650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains along with a few projects in a detailed way. From here, you can pick any project of your choice.

Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas:

All the projects ideas from different concepts of Mechanical Engineering are presented below. You can go to each domain to select an idea and search for its paper in the existing journals.

FEA Analysis Projects:

The Finite Element Analysis projects are as follows.

  1. A Project on Design, Analysis, And Implementation Of Composite Leaf Spring
  2. A Project on Bending stress and fatigue analysis of connecting rod of Mahindra tractor through finite element method (ANSYS)
  3. A Project on Design And Analysis Of Domestic Windmill Blades
  4. A Project on Design And FEA Analysis Of Breaking System
  5. Finite Element Analysis Of Bonded, Riveted, And Hybrid Joints In Glass Fiber Epoxy Composite Laminates For Aircraft Structure
  6. A Project on Structural Analysis and shape Optimization in Leaf spring used 16T trucks
  7. A Project on Thermal analysis of heat pipes and its application
  8. A Project on Numerical simulation of shell and heat exchanger header for uniform distribution among tubes
  9. Design and analysis of composite over bridge coupling
  10. A Project on FEA and Thermal Analysis on FRP Materials
  11. A Project on Analysis and Implementation of Impeller using Composite
  12. Design and validation of pressure compensated flow control valve with a bypass check valve for oil hydraulic application
  13. Design And Comparative Analysis Of Thermal Distribution Of Automotive Cooling System
  14. A Project on Crank Shaft Design And Analysis Of Forged Steel And Metal Matrix Composite Materials Using Ansys
  15. A Project on Finite Element Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring For Automotive Vehicle
  16. A Project on Design And Analysis Of Steering Box Of A Supra SAE Car
  17. Design And Analysis of thermal Distribution In Fins Of Compressor
  18. A Project on Analysis of helical coil compression spring for three-wheeler automotive front suspension
  19. A Project on FEA and Wear rate analysis of Nano coated HSS tools for industrial applications
  20. Project on Analysis of Oil Pumping In a Reciprocating Compressor
  21. Design And Analysis Of Piston By Composite Materials
  22. A Project on Finite Element Analysis Of Connecting Rod
  23. Thermal analysis of cylinder head gasket
  24. A Project on FEA Analysis Of Disc Brake
  25. Design And Analysis Of Domestic Windmill Blades
  26. A Project on Steady-state thermal stress analysis of gearbox casing by the finite element method
  27. A Project on Design and analysis of rocker arm using composite material
  28. Design & Analysis of Poppet valve using composite materials Failure Analysis and optimization of Planner machine by horizontal Mechanism
  29. A Project on Design & Analysis of the rocker arm
  30. Some experimental investigations of optimizing single point tool wear by using a cryogenic technique using LN8 steel with ANSYS results
  31. A Project on Thermal analysis of steam turbine
  32. A Project on Performance Analysis And Implementation Of Disc Brake In Heavy Vehicles
  33. A Project on Design and Analysis of Jet Wind Turbine Blades
  34. Analysis of Heat Exchanger with Nanofluid to increasing efficiency
  35. A Project on FEA and structural analysis on Aircraft wing by using ANSYS and CFD
  36. Structural analysis of an exhaust manifold of a multi-cylinder engine Analysis of a thin and thick-walled pressure vessel for different materials
  37. A Project on Thermal analysis sheet metal during ultrasonic welding
  38. Design & analysis of composite over bridge coupling.

This is the list of Projects ideas on Finite Element Analysis. Now lets discuss few ideas on other projects.

Automobile Engineering Projects for Mechanical Students:

Automobile Engineering Projects are widely taken by the students of graduates, postgraduates, diplomas, etc as their project works in the college.

If you are traveling from one place to another place then the compulsory mode of transport is the Automobile. Without that, our journey will be late.

A wide variety of Automobile companies are present in the world who can produce different types of branded automobiles from their work units for the sake of customers.

Each Automobile consists of various parts and you can do any type of project with these parts and some of the Automobile Engineering Projects are as follows.

  1. Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication And Controlling System
  2. Performance and emission study of biodiesel engine using the electronic fuel injection system
  3. Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection
  4. Engine Overheat Alarm
  5. Emergency Braking System
  6. Fabrication Of Solar And Wind Train
  7. Hand Propulsion And Steering Dampening For Three-wheelers
  8. GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System –Three and Four Wheeler
  9. Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
  10. Sensor Operated Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV).
  11. Regenerative Braking System
  12. Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
  13. Experimental set up to study the gyroscopic couple due to processional motion
  14. Automatic Distance Measurement And Braking System Using Ultrasonic
  15. Battery Cycle
  16. Motorized Screw Jack
  17. Fabrication Of Industrial Trolley
  18. Automatic Gear Transmission For Two Wheeler
  19. Anti-Lock Braking System
  20. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machine or in Vehicle
  21. To study the performance of the CI engine using the binary mixtures of alternative fuels
  22. Automated Track Guided Vehicle
  23. Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In
  24. Traffic Signals
  25. Fabrications Of Rice Planting Machine
  26. Fabrications Of Driverless Train Technology Advanced Wireless
  27. Fabrication Of Rocker Bogie Suspension System
  28. Fabrication Of Camshaft
  29. Redesigning and Testing of cadi 50cc 4stroke Moped
  30. Fabrication Of Electrical Power Generation From Shock Absorber
  31. Design and Fabrication of three-wheeler for physically handicapped
  32. Fabrications Of Electromagnetic Piston Engine
  33. Electromagnetically assisted advanced drum brake mechanism
  34. Fabrication Of Regenerative Braking System
  35. To study the performance of the two-stroke engine with a modified intake system
  36. Project on Accident prevention mechanism in automobiles
  37. Fabrications Of Solar Power Vehicle For Four Wheeler
  38. Automatic headlight control for 4 wheelers
  39. Fabrication Of 90 Degree Steering Mechanism
  40. A Project on Optical valve timing encoder
  41. Fabrication Of Mechanical Grass Cutter
  42. Fabrications Of Wind Power Car For Four Wheeler
  43. Bullock Cart With Material Lifting And Dumping Mechanism
  44. Fabrication Of Tilting Vehicle Mechanism For Four Wheeler
  45. Design and Fabrication of propeller shaft
  46. Comparative studies of solar stills

These are the Mechanical Engineering Ideas from Automobile Engineering.

Innovative Agriculture Projects List for Mechanical students:

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy and Nowadays, new technologies are developing by human knowledge and agricultural technology is one of them. The development of the agricultural field is very costliest.

Agriculture Projects are mostly done by Post-graduation people and researchers. A lot of calculations are needed depending upon the problem chosen to solve it.

The Innovative Agriculture Projects List for Mechanical students are as follows.

  1. Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
  2. Fabrication of Pedal Operated Water pumping system
  3. Design and Fabrication of Gas Converted Power Sprayer
  4. A Project on Fabrication of low-cost harvesting machine
  5. Design and Fabrication of Hand Operated Fertilizer Blender
  6. A Project on Portable Vegetable Cutter and Slicer
  7. Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
  8. Fabrication of Multi Utility Agricultural Vehicle
  9. Fabrication of Pepper Thresher Machine
  10. Design and Development of Natural vegetable / Fruits preservation
  11. Fabrication of Seed Crushing machine
  12. Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power
  13. Automatic Ginger Cutting, Feeding, and Drying Machine
  14. Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
  15. Solar Cabinet Seed drier Integrated with Biomass
  16. Fabrication of Groundnut Shelling Machine
  17. A Project on Banana Fiber Extracting Machine
  18. Design & Fabrication of Engine Operated Tiller Cultivator
  19. Mobile Automatic Rubber Tapping System
  20. Fabrication of Groundnut Harvester
  21. Pneumatic 3 Axis modern Trailer for Agriculture
  22. Fully Automated potato Chip Slice Making Machine
  23. A Project on Automatic Lawn Mover
  24. Fabrication of Multi Agri Cutter
  25. Fabrication of Automated Gardener
  26. Fabrication of Solar Vegetable Air Dryer
  27. Pneumatic Scissor jack for loading Vegetable to Lorry or any vehicle
  28. Areca Nut Tree Climbing and Cutting Machine
  29. Fabrication of Vegetable Slicing Machine
  30. Fabrication of Role Type Agro Sprayer
  31. Semi-Automated Areca Nut Collecting Conveyor
  32. Fabrication of Coconut tree Sprayer
  33. Pendulum based Water Pumping System
  34. Fabrication of Solar Water Fountain
  35. Coconut tree Climbing and Cutting Machine
  36. Groundnut Thruster mechanism
  37. Fabrication of Tomato Grader
  38. Pneumatic Press for Coconut pith Blocking machine
  39. Fabrication of Decorticator Seed Kernel Extractor
  40. Fabrication of Motor Less Weed Cutter
  41. Hybrid flour mixing Machine
  42. Bio-Fuel Extractor from Bio-Oil
  43. Automatic Tracking Solar Grass Cutter
  44. Fabrication of Rubber Tree Tapping Machine
  45. Multipurpose Seed Shower
  46. Fabrication of Paddy Harvesting and Threshing Machine
  47. Design and Analysis of Universal Cutter (Especially for Coconut and Areca nut)
  48. Automatic Seed Sowing using Solar

This is the list of Agriculture projects for Mechanical Engineering students.

Robotics Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

Robotics is the interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering that includes Mechanical, Electrical, Computer science Engineering, and others. Robotics deals with the Design, Construction, Operation, and the usage of Robots.

Doing the Robotics Projects in this field enables the students to make their project a successful one in an effective way. Therefore, In this article, I will be exploring the list of updated Robotics Projects for Mechanical and Diploma students in a broader way.

  1. A Project on Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot
  2. Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot
  3. A Project on Robotic Elevator
  4. Design of Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot for Surveillance
  5. A Project on Solar Powered Robotic Crane
  6. PLC Based Robotic Arm Control System
  7. A Project on Mines Diffuser robot
  8. A Project on Hydraulic Piston Robot
  9. A Project on Robotic Grasscutter
  10. WI- FI Based Robot Control by Webpage Interface
  11. Design of simple Roller Robot with Wireless Camera
  12. A Project on Anti-Tank Weapon Robot
  13. Design of a Stair climbing Robot
  14. Dynamic Behavior Analysis for a Six-Axis Industrial Robot
  15. Implementation of Self-Parking Robotic Car
  16. A Project on Fire Extinguisher Robot
  17. Implementation of Autonomous Agile Aerial Robot
  18. Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Smart Phone
  19. PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
  20. A Project on Robotic Cam Boat
  21. A Project on an Implementation of Intelligent Robotic Fish
  22. A Project on Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  23. A Project on Infrared Remote Control Robot
  24. Implementation of Ball Tracking Robot
  25. A Project on Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot
  26. A Project on Wireless Robotic Arm
  27. A Project on Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  28. A Project on Rope Traversing Robot with Surveillance Capability
  29. A Project on Automatic Steering Control robot
  30. A Project on Arduino Based Quadruped Robot
  31. Design and Implementation of Tree Climbing Robot
  32. A Project on Human Joint Control Robot
  33. FPGA Based Five-Axis Robot Arm Controller
  34. A Project on Color Guided Material Handling Robot
  35. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  36. A Project on Small-Size Soccer Playing Robot
  37. A Project on PhotoSensitive Robot
  38. Analysis of Gender and Age Group Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
  39. PLC Based Automatic Filling Machine
  40. Autonomous Robot for Target Detection and Shooting
  41. Implementation of Cube Solving Robot
  42. A Project on Hydraulic Robot
  43. Design of a Surface Cleaning Robot
  44. Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller
  45. Intelligent Data Acquisition Robot for Industrial Monitoring
  46. A Project on Voice Command Robot
  47. A Project on Heavy Duty Robot Racer with Wireless Control
  48. Eye Controlled Wheelchair System for Physically Challenged
  49. A Project on Robotic Boat
  50. Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking Capability
  51. Autonomous Chess-playing Robot
  52. A Project on Trolley Pick and Place Robot
  53. A Project on Magnetic Levitation of Train
  54. An RFID Based Serving Robot

CFD Projects List for Mechanical Engineering Students:

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics, is a branch of Fluid Dynamics uses algorithms and numerical analysis to solve, analyse the problems under the action of fluid flow.

As CFD plays a vital role in the field of Fluid dynamics, I want to explore the (Updated) CFD Projects list so that it can be used by the users to make their project successful in the region of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

  1. CFD Simulation of Soot Formation and Flame Radiation
  2. Fuels with Different Spark Time
  3. CFD Analyses of Ship Hull Forms
  4. Hydrofoil analysis using CFD
  5. Study of F1 car aerodynamics front wing using computational Fluid dynamics (CFD)
  6. Design and analysis of dust collector using CFD
  7. Design and analysis of globe valve as control valve using CFD software
  8. CFD Analysis Of Airflow And Temperature Distribution In Buildings
  9. A Project on Flow in gutters and downpipes
  10. CFD analysis for transient turbocharger flows by varying flow rates.
  11. A study of computational fluid dynamics applied to room airflow
  12. Design and Analysis of a Radial Turbine with Back Swept Blading
  13. CFD analysis of exhaust manifold
  14. CFD Analysis of economizer in a tangentially fired boiler
  15. CFD design for electric car battery cooling system
  16. A Project on Aerodynamic design study of ground vehicles
  17. CFD prediction of loads on marine structures
  18. CFD analysis of fuel tank sloshing
  19. Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling to Validate HVAC System Design
  20. Thermal modeling of “Green House Effect”
  21. CFD Analysis of PACE Formula-1 Car
  22. CFD modeling of the automobile catalytic converter
  23. CFD analysis of centrifugal fan
  24. CFD calculation of convective heat transfer coefficient and its Validation
  25. Air and fuel flow interaction in the combustion chamber for Various injector locations
  26. Analysis and Optimization of Microchannel Heat Sinking
  27. Reduction of drag in a buggy car model
  28. CFD simulation and field application by Mitigating snowdrift at the elevated SANAE IV research station in Antarctica
  29. Flow-through/past sparse bodies
  30. Analysis of water flow for Laminar & Turbulent Flow in Conventional Water Tap
  31. CFD using the discrete-vortex method
  32. A vehicle body Drag Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  33. Computational fluid dynamics for the design of turbomachinery

Thermal Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

Thermal Engineering Projects play a vital role in the field of Thermal Engineering. The areas of thermal projects listed in this article are as follows i.e generation of power from coal or from wastes, providing heat treatment process to all the components in the industry.

A list of more than thermal projects is placed in this article. The students of Diploma as well as Mechanical should use these thermal projects for their Mini and Major Projects. The Thermal Projects are shown below.

  1. Fabrication of Solar air conditioning Machine
  2. A unified approach to the analysis of unidirectional and bi-directional parallel-flow heat exchangers
  3. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor
  4. A Project on Water cooler cum Water heater by using a refrigeration System
  5. Calculating the heat transfer rate by varying cooling fluid for engine cylinder fins.
  6. Fabrication of Paper cup folding Machine
  7. A Project on Fabrication of Solar refrigeration system
  8. Optimizing an intercooler compressor for an ideal gas model
  9. Design & Fabrication of Chemical Processing Plant
  10. A Project on Fabrication of thermo-electric refrigerator
  11. A Project on Fabrication of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  12. Solar Water Purification by using thermal method
  13. A Project on Fabrication of Mist Coolant system
  14. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Kettle (or) Solar Parabolic Collector.
  15. Electrical Power Generation using Steam Power Plant
  16. Fabrication of Solar Parabolic trough collector with auto-tracking
  17. A Project on Transformer heat reduction system
  18. Turbine blade film cooling using PSP technique
  19. Fabrication of Solar Water Disalation (Purification) by using the parabolic method
  20. A Project on Solar-powered Electrolux refrigeration system
  21. Improving the performance of an engine block for various cooling fluids.
  22. Effect of cutting fluids on H.S.S and carbide cutting tools by Transient Thermal analysis
  23. A Project on Fabrication of automatic humidification system
  24. A Project on Fabrication of Lifetime kit for an Air conditioning
  25. A Project on Fabrication of Mist Coolant system

Now let's discuss Major and Minor projects in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year Students

The Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering students are as follows.

Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year Students 2020
1.A Project on Fabrication of rotary gear pump
2.A Project on Fabrication of fuel Injector testing equipment
3.Emergency braking system in four-wheeler (EBS)
4.A Project on Automatic rain operated wiper and headlight dim/bright, controller
5.A Project on Hydraulic Power Clamping Vice
6.A Project on Pneumatic reciprocating hack saw machine
7.A Project on Automatic mechanical type water tape controlling system
8.A Project on Simple mechanical cruise speed control for two-wheeler
9.A Project on Fabrication of sand slinger
10.A Project on Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
11.A Project on Fabrication of tool post grinder
12.A Project on Fabrication of manually operated pipe bending machine
13.A Project on Emission tester (C02) for automobile
14.A Project on Automatic vehicle accident prevention system
15.A Project on Coin based cell phone charger with the pay system
16.A Project on Involute gear profile error detector
17.A Project on Fabrication of gear tooth grinding machine
18.A Project on Automatic spring rolling machine
19.A Project on Fabrication of emission control of diesel engine
20.A Project on Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine
21.Pneumatic scissor jack For loading vegetables into a lorry
22.A Project on Fabrication of Sterling engine fan
23.Fabrication of beans sheller machine
24.A Project on Hydraulic armature bearing remover system
25.A Project on Lathe coolant pump with the fitting arrangement
26.Wheel chair cum stretcher model in-hospital application
27.A Project on Foot-operated hydraulic lifting system
28.A Project on Automatic transformer heat reduction system
29.A Project on Magnetic suspension in a vehicle
30.A Project on Fabrication of mini solar air cooler
31.A Project on Fabrication of tire pressure monitoring system
32.Pneumatic speed breaker with day-night control
33.A Project on Hydraulic cylinder liner puller
34.Automatic plant water moisturizing system for garden
35.A Project on Automatic pneumatic sheet cutting machine
36.A Project on Piezo-electric power generating shock absorber
37.A Project on Pantograph universal gas cutting machine
38.A Project on Automatic dam shutter controlling system
39.Digital locking (Fuel, ignition) system (password) for two-wheeler
40.A Project on Quick return mechanism by crank and slotted link
41.A Project on Manual operated paper recycling machine
42.A Project on Automatic brake failure indicator
43.Electrical power generation from the overhead water tank
44.A Project on Sensor-based automatic escalator movement
45.Fabrication of the automatic musical water fountain
46.A Project on Film frame by using a geneva mechanism
47.A Project on Auto breaking system for a four-wheeler
48.A Project on Catalytic converter for automobile
49.A Project on Electromagnetic suspension system
50.A Project on Fabrication of small stair climber
51.Intelligent braking system in four-wheeler (IBS)
52.A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic horning machine
53.Automatic lamination machine
54.Fabrication of hydraulic floor crane
55.A Project on Fabrication of solar dryer
56.A Project on Automatic vehicle overloading alert system
57.A Project on Fabrication of multi drill holder
58.Two wheeler automation with a security system
59.A Project on Motorized hydraulic jack
60.A Project on Fabrication of eccentric hammer

This is the list of Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering. Now let's discuss the Major Projects for Mechanical engineering.

Major Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students

The Major Projects for Mechanical engineering are as follows.

1.A Project on Biowaste convert to biogas using marine
2.Air propulsion motorboats with remote control
3.A Project on Fabrication of remote-controlled hovercraft
4.A Project on Aeroplane controlling system (Glider model)
5.Remote controlled oil skimmer robot for marine application
6.A Project on Fabrication of turbojet engine with active magnetic bearing
7.Design of a flight stabilizer system and automatic control using a hill test platform
8.A Project on Refrigeration using waste heats from marine engine
9.A Project on Remote-controlled aircraft
10.A Project on Undersea water robot
11.Airplane runway monitoring and checking system by using a webcam
12.A Project on Methanol fueled marine diesel engine
13.A Project on Fabrication of submarine (Model)
14.Design and fabrication of solar hoverbike (model)
15.Fabrication of Groundnut Shelling Machine
16.A Project on Banana Fiber Extracting Machine
17.Design & Fabrication of Engine Operated Tiller Cultivator
18.Mobile Automatic Rubber Tapping System
19.Fabrication of Groundnut Harvester
20.Pneumatic 3 Axis modern Trailer for Agriculture
21.Fully Automated potato Chip Slice Making Machine
22.A Project on Automatic Lawn Mover
23.Fabrication of Multi Agri Cutter
24.Fabrication of Automated Gardener
25.Fabrication of Solar Vegetable Air Dryer
26.Pneumatic Scissor jack for loading Vegetable to Lorry or any vehicle
27.Areca Nut Tree Climbing and Cutting Machine
28.Fabrication of Vegetable Slicing Machine
29.Low-pressure solar water heater with auto Tracking
30.Design and fabrication of portable steam generator with Iron box
31.A Project on Electric scooter powered by wind and piezo-electric power and solar
32.Energy-harvesting shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifier
33.A Project on Fabrication of power-producing pendulum kit
34.A Project on Electrical power generation using speed breaker
35.A Project on Fitness equipment for localized electric power generation
36.Fabrication of Osmotic Power Plant
37.A Project on Fabrication of solar electric gear bike
38.Design and fabrication of bladeless turbine with a propeller
39.Pedal operated solar cell phone charger
40.A Project on Fabrication of vertical dual rotor wind turbine
41.Agricultural paddy cleaning system by using solar power
42.A Project on Solar-powered vapor absorption refrigerator
43.Solar plus compressor heat desalinator water still
44.Optimization of welding parameters for MIG welding
45.Die Design and analysis of lever component used in the thermostat
46.Failure cause analysis of welded joints
47.Effect of tire overload and inflation pressure on rolling loss (resistance) and fuel consumption of automobile and truck tires
48.Performance of orifice plate assemblies under nonstandard conditions using CFD.
49.Elasto-Plastic Deformation Process of Cold Rolling
50.Analysis of connecting rod using ANSYS
51.Production line monitoring system
52.PC based Plate Cutting Machine
53.The programmable gas cutting machine
54.Coolant Monitoring System
55.Blow mold tool design and manufacturing process for 1ltr pet bottle.
56.Design and Fabrication of the propeller shaft.
57.Aerodynamic Design for Bus/Car Vehicle
58.Conjugate heat transfer analysis in electronics devices
59.Analysis of Cyclone dust collector airflow
60.Fluid and thermal behavior of natural convective boiling at a submerged heated surface
61.Heat Transfer Modeling of Large Shipping Containers
62.Turbulence models in CFD
63.CFD analysis of intake manifold in SI engines
64.CFD analysis of a diffuser
65.Flow analysis of marine propeller
66.Automatic Pneumatic Stand for Two Wheeler
67.Automatic Pneumatic Riveting Machine
68.Automatic Pneumatic Ramming Machine
69.Automatic Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine
70.Automatic Pneumatic Shaping Machine
71.Automatic Pneumatic Tapping Machine (Semi)
72.Automatic Pneumatic Reciprocating Grinding Machine
73.Automatic Pneumatic Water Pumping System
74.Automatic Pneumatic Vice and Jack
75.Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine
76.Automatic Pressure Control Valve-Open Close System
77.Automatic Pneumatic Punching Machine
78.Automatic Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine
79.Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
80.Automatic Pneumatic High-Speed Hack Saw Machine
81.Design of Brake Lock for hydraulic brake systems
82.Ignition control to improve the combustion efficiency of the IC engine
83.A Project on a Traffic lane marker
84.Catalytic converter for two-wheelers as a case study
85.Automatic vehicle monitoring and control

Individual Mechanical Engineering Projects:

The individual projects are presented below along with its Abstract, Introduction, Working principle, etc. so that you can understand the topic much effectively.

Automatic Speed Control In 4-wheeler by Cruise Control:

Every day the media brings us the horrible news about road accidents. The concept of assisting the driver in longitudinal vehicle control or driving from one place to another without taking any rest makes an impact on everyone’s life.

So, avoiding collisions has been a major focal point of research in many automobile companies and research organizations. Therefore in this article, I am going to explain the Automatic Speed Control In 4-wheeler by Cruise Control in a detailed way.

Abstract of Cruise Control:

Modern cruise control (also known as a speed stat) was invented by mechanical engineer Ralph Teetor in 1945. The idea of driver assistance was started with the ‘cruise control devices’ first appeared in the 1970s in the USA. When switched the cruise control ON, the device takes up the task by accelerating to maintain a constant speed.

Generally, the usage of cruise control can be adopted in highways where separate tracks will be there and you can move with your desired speed. But it could not consider the other vehicles on the road.

When the driver drives the vehicle on the road, he should have to accelerate or decelerate whenever required. but at Speed Limit Zones, the vehicle has to move without varying in speed and this can be done using Cruise Control.

Cruise Control is useful for long drives across highways and sparsely populated roads by reducing fatigue to the driver. This usually results in better fuel efficiency.

Introduction of Cruise Control:

Cruise control is a system that automatically controls the speed of an automobile.
The system takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver.
This system thereby improves driver comfort in steady traffic conditions also. In congested traffic conditions, where speeds may vary widely these systems are no longer effective.

Theory of Operation of Cruise Control:

The driver must bring the vehicle up to speed manually and uses a button to set the cruise control to the current speed.
The cruise control takes its speed signal from a rotating driveshaft, cable of the speedometer, wheel speed sensor from the engine's Rpm, or from internal speed pulses produced electronically by the vehicle.
Most systems do not allow the use of the cruise control below a certain speed (normally around 25 mph).

Cars Installed with Cruise Control:

Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDi 2 5dr diesel estate
Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI CR SE Plus 4x4 5dr diesel estate
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 160 GT 5dr Hatchback
Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi Tekna 5dr [Start Stop] diesel hatchback,e.t.c.

This is the detailed explanation of Cruise Control along with various parameters. Lets enter into another topic.

Computer Controlled Drilling Machine:

Current development in the industry has been towards computer-controlled manufacturing to increase the quality and quantity of products. Manual manufacturing of such items as the circuit board will have a big faulty case and uneven quality.

Then I have developed an automatic print circuit board drilling machine, which is controlled by computer.


The main aim of a computer-controlled drilling machine is to drill holes on printed circuit boards (PCB) in a specified area.

The program is written in assembly language and a step by step approach is implemented to control four motors independently.

It generally consists of a transformer, PC, MAX232, diodes, microcontroller, relay, stepper motors, AC motor, drilling machine, limit switches, transistors, etc. Co-ordinates are given through the keyboard of PC by the set of rules and regulations.

The information sent from PC to Microcontroller is passed via MAX232 which converts TIA/EIA-232-F inputs to 5V TTL/CMOS levels.

By this microcontroller commands the stepper motors and AC motor to be in-home position before the work is done.

The entire working depends upon the driving of stepper motors in both the directions (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

The system is programmed to produce the pulses in a sequence at four different outputs (9 5 6 A).

These sequentially programmed outputs energize the motor winding one after the other in a sequence.

The information from the microcontroller is passed to the drilling machine via a relay that converts 5V supply to 12V to rotate the drill. As per the data fed to the machine, it can drill as many holes as in a specific area.

After completing the task, the computer displays on its monitor that the job is completed. To avoid friction, the mechanical transmission part of each axis is designed with sliding channels.

Aim of the Project:

The main aim of the project lies in interfacing or in simple words, is to make a mechanical system work, making use of a personal computer of basic configuration.

This project is carried on keeping in mind, the needs of a small scale industry, which need small-sized components in a few numbers, which by other processes would cost them more.

This project makes use of a printed circuit board that interfaces a drilling machine with a personal computer. This system is mainly aimed at small scale production of printed circuit boards in small scale industries.

The system has an advantage of simplicity in operation, moreover, the cost of production comes down for a small scale sector.

Though the system involves many small electronic parts it is easy to study the working, and in operation, as we use the simple user-friendly language in programming the software.


The goal here is to design and build a very low-cost, very simple, desktop drilling machine, which is used for drilling the PCB’s (printed circuit boards).
Drilling the PCB’s manually consumes a lot of time and due to errors by drilling at wrong points, causes wasting many PCB’s.
All these problems can be avoided by implementing the Computer control concept, thereby this project work is taken up and a prototype module is constructed for the live demonstration.
Since it is a prototype module, the size of the work or drilling size of the PCB is minimized. Due to the restriction, the machine cannot drill PCB of more than 12 X 20cm.
The following is a brief description of mechanical work.


The block diagram of a computer-controlled drilling machine is shown below which consists of the following parts.They are Microcontroller,stepper motors,AC motor,limit switches,relay,PC,MAX232 etc.


A set of encoded information, which provides coordinate values and other instructions to indicate how the machine tool is moving in relation to a workpiece in order to achieve a specific desired machining form can be called as a function of a program.

The program should be prepared such that, it should contain all the information for the machining of a component which is input to the computer-controlled drilling machine.

Depending upon the input from the computer, the system provides signals at the correct time and in the correct sequence to the various drive units of the machine.
The machine tool receives information from the computer and does the operation on the machine.

The program is prepared by listing the coordinate values of the entire tool paths as suited to a machine.

In the case of the drilling machine, the coordinate values to be prepared for 3D for driving three motors independently.

Two motors are used for moving the platform in X and Y directions and the third motor is used to move the drill in the Z direction.

This is a detailed explanation of the above project which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas.

Development of CNC Program for End Shields by Unigraphics Software:

The end shield is a part of the transmission system which is used to cover the motors in most of the trains. As motors play a vital role in the transmission of power, this end shield is used to act as a cover on it so that no unevenness takes place in the surroundings.

In this article, I am going to explain about the Development of CNC Program for End Shield by Unigraphics Software in a detailed way.

Abstract of End Shield:

CAD/CAM system has a natural break at the point where it produces or delivers a Generic form of Numerical Control output called CL-file (Cutter Location File).

This generic intermediate output represents the path that the machine cutter will take while machining the part. It does not reflect and is not optimized for the specific CNC Control which will actually use to cut the part.

NX-CAM is the latest CAM software, which has important features like 2D, 3D, Surface modeling, Manufacturing, etc.

The component can be designed using NX_CAD software. Then the sequence of programs such as modeling the part or component, generating the tool path, selection of tools according to the sequence of operations, and sizes take place with respect to the program given or allowed.

At last, the generated NC part program is verified and sent to the required CNC machine to manufacture the component.

This project of End shield deals with the development of the NC program using NX-CAM software.

This is a detailed explanation of the End shield project which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas.

Effects Of Minimum Quantity Lubrication On Turning Aisi9310 using Vegetable oil Cutting Fluid:

In many applications, dry machining is not a practical solution due to significant reductions in tool life and productivity. In comparison to entirely dry machining, MQL(Minimum Quantity Lubrication) can reduce machining temperatures considerably and increase tool life.

In this article, I am going to publish about the Effects Of Minimum Quantity Lubrication On Turning Aisi9310 using Vegetable oil Cutting Fluid in a detailed manner.

Introduction to Effects Of Minimum Quantity Lubrication:

In many applications, dry machining is not a practical solution due to significant reductions in tool life and productivity.
In comparison to entirely dry machining, MQL can reduce machining temperatures considerably and increase tool life.

Experimental Conditions:

The experimental investigations were conducted with a view to exploring the role of MQL on the machinability characteristics of the work material mainly in terms of cutting temperature, chip formation, tool wear, and surface roughness.
The depth of cut was kept fixed to only 1.0mm, which would adequately serve the present purpose.

Working Principle of MQL:

  • Machine tool Lathe Machine, 15 hp
  • Work specimens:
  • Material AISI 9310 steel
  • (C0.12%, Mn0.55%, P0.025%, Si0.25%, Ni3.4%, Cr1.3%, Mo0.14%)
  • Size ϕ 100×710 mm
  • Cutting fluid MQL condition—food grade vegetable oil
  • Process parameters:
  • Cutting velocity, Vc 223, 246, 348 and 483m/min
  • Feed rate, S0 0.10, 0.13, 0.16 and 0.18mm/rev
  • Depth of cut, t 1.0mm

This is the explanation of Minimum Quantity Lubrication which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas.

Modeling and Manufacturing of Input Shaft using Computer-Aided Manufacturing:

In modern CNC systems, from the beginning to the ending, the component design is highly automated by means of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programs.

In this article, I am going to publish the project of Modelling and Manufacturing of Input Shaft using Computer-Aided Manufacturing in NX CAD Software in a detailed manner.

Manufacturing of Input Shaft-Explanation of Input Shaft:

Since any particular component might require the use of a number of different tools like drills, saws, etc. modern machines often combine multiple tools into a single "cell".
In other installations, a number of different machines are used with an external controller and human or robotic operators that move the component from machine to machine.

The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine by a post-processor and then loaded into the CNC machines for production.

In either case, the series of steps needed to produce any part is highly automated and produces a part that closely matches the original CAD design.

AIM of the Project:

This project deals with generating NC program using CAM software in NX CAM for input shaft to manufacture on a modern CNC machine.

Using the NX-CAD software 3D model of the input shaft is created and the program is generated using NX-CAM software. Power enters the transmission through the input shaft.

The input shaft is connected to the engine via the clutch, such that when the clutch is engaged, power goes straight from the engine to the input shaft of the transmission and the crankshaft and input shaft rotate at the same speed.

Optimization of Manufacturing Process Plan of GIMBAL for Targeted Missiles:

Process planning is concerned with determining the sequence of individual manufacturing operations needed to produce a given part or product.

In this article, I am going to publish about the project of optimization of the manufacturing process plan of gimbal for targeted missiles in a detailed manner with the help of Abstract, Explanation, and Aim of the project.

Process planning translates design information into the process steps and instructions to efficiently and effectively manufacture products.

The resulting operation sequence is documented on a form typically referred to as a process sheet/method sheet containing a listing of the production operations and associated machine tools for a work part or assembly.

Process planning in manufacturing also refers to the planning of the use of blanks, spare parts, packaging material, user instructions (manuals), etc.

Explanation Of GIMBAL For Target Missiles:

The sensor platform consists of an outer (azimuth) and inner (elevation) gimbals. The two gimbals actuator systems are assembled to sensor plate for target missiles.

The purpose of the gimbaled stabilization system is to stabilize the sensor’s line of sight towards a target by isolating the sensor from the disturbance induced by the operating environment.

Creating holes with high accuracy is a tough task on a lathe mill machine. To overcome this problem number of operations and repeated drilling operations should be reduced.

Repeated drilling operations reduce the positioning of holes and dimensional accuracy of holes.

To reduce the number of operations specified tools must be designed according to the model of gimbal outer.

AIM Of GIMBAL For Target Missiles:

The main aim of this project is to create a 3D model using Unigraphics software.
Generating NC program of gimbal using NX-CAM software which is exclusively CAM software used to generate part program by feeding the geometry of the component and defining the proper tool path and thus transferring the generated part program to the required CNC machine with the help of DNC lines.

The operator thus executes the program with suitable requirements. The project deals with optimizing process plans by specifying appropriate tools, developing tools design if demanded.

This is a detailed explanation of the above project which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas.

What is Blue Brain and how a man thinks even after his death?

This Blue brain concept makes the man's idea into the machine even after his death. It means that even after the death of a person, his ideas are to be incorporated into a machine so as to run with the ideas of a person in an effective manner.

In this article, I am going to publish What is Blue Brain and how a man thinks even after his death in a detailed manner.

Introduction of Blue Brain:

The human brain is the most valuable creation of God. The man is called intelligent because of his brain but he can lose his memory when he attains his death i.e when the body damages permanently.

The name of the first virtual brain is the Blue Brain that means a machine that can function like a human brain.
Is it really possible to create a Human brain? For this, the answer is yes.

What is Blue Brain?

Now the IBM was developing a virtual brain known as the Blue Brain. The main aim is to upload the human brain into a machine. Within 30 years we will be able to scan ourselves into computers.

What is Virtual Brain?

  • A machine that can function as a brain.
  • It can take decisions on its own.
  • It can think.
  • It can response.
  • It can keep things in memory.

Why do we need virtual Brain?

  • Upload the contents of the natural brain into it.
  • To keep the intelligence, Knowledge, and skill of any person forever.
  • To remember things without any effort.

This is a detailed explanation of the above project which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects.

Material Selection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is commonly known as a drone and also referred by several other names is an aircraft without a human pilot.

The flight of UAVs may be controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle.

This post mainly focuses on the Material Selection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drone) and is as follows.

Explanation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

ICAO classified unmanned aircraft into two types under Circular 328 AN/190:

Autonomous aircraft – currently considered unsuitable for regulation due to legal and liability issues
Remotely piloted aircraft – subject to civil regulation under ICAO and under the relevant national aviation authority.
Historically, UAVs were simple remotely piloted aircraft, but autonomous control is increasingly being employed.

Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

Unmanned aerial vehicles have mostly found in military and special operations applications, but also are increasingly finding uses in civil applications such as policing, surveillance, and firefighting Non-military security work such as inspection of power or pipelines.

UAVs are often preferred for missions that are too "dull, dirty, or dangerous" for manned aircraft.

This is a detailed explanation of the above project which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects.

Generating NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software:

Journal bearings consist of a shaft or journal which rotates freely in a supporting metal sleeve. There are no rolling elements in these journal bearings.

The design and construction of Journal bearings may be relatively simple, but the theory and operation of these bearings can be complex.

In this article, I am going to publish about the generation of NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software in a detailed manner.


Manufacturing technology provides tools that enable the production of all manufactured goods and services in an effective way.

These master tools of industry magnify the effort in making essential products from the raw material to the finished goods with high dedication and accuracy so that they can compete with the market needs.

As discussed earlier, A journal bearing is the simplest type of bearing, comprising just a bearing surface and no rolling elements. Journal bearings, in general, are the least expensive type of bearings.

The Journal bearings are compact and lightweight and they have a high load-carrying capacity.

This project deals with generating NC program using CAM software for Journal bearing to manufacture on a modern CNC machine.

Using the NX-CAD software 3D model of Journal bearing is created and the program is generated using NX-CAM software.

The generated program is fed into the CNC or DNC machines to carry out the operation in a successful way.

This is a detailed explanation of the journal bearing which is categorized under Mechanical Engineering Projects.

If this article is helpful to you.then post your valuable question from the comments section and we will answer you in a short period of time.

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